Why Your Website Isn't Getting You More Customers

May 19th, 2022
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Jamie McArdle
Jamie McArdle
Why Your Website Isn't Getting You More Customers

It happens almost every single time, I get a call from a local business owner looking to get a new website because they forked out £5k on a website and shiny new logo, 8 months later, they're yet to see a single customer approach them via the website. The agency they used did what almost every other agency does, they installed a fancy WordPress theme with flashy animations, they threw fancy buzzwords around like Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Responsive, they sent their invoice and left the website to collect dust in a dark corner of the internet.

So what went wrong?

The sole purpose of having a website is to bring you more customers, which in turn makes you more money. That's it! Not 'brand awareness', 'online presence' or whatever the latest nonsensical catchphrase is trending in the web design community now.

The agency you used didn't create a strategy for acquiring new customers, they just hoped people google your business and liked the boring Shutterstock photos enough to reach out about your products or services.

So how would you do it differently?

We spend less time writing code and designing colourful graphics, we get straight into building a winning strategy. First we look at your business and decide the best source for customer acquisition, this varies depending on your specific business or industry but for the sake of this example let's say you own a dentist in Belfast.

Unfortunately for us as individuals in 2021 we have absolutely no online privacy, everything we do on the internet is tracked and recorded by California billionaires. For us as business owners this is a goldmine. We can target exactly who we want, when we want and at any time we want. We use our own perfected method of social advertising to target your potential customers, driving tons of traffic to your site at the cheapest price. I'll do a separate article on this too as there's so much to go into.

Now that we are repeatedly funnelling high quality leads to your website we can start looking at the metrics and data to work out our CAC, this stands for Customer Acquisition Cost and basically means how much it costs to turn a random person on the internet into a real paying customer, which is ultimately the only thing that matters to us.

Let's say we are able to drive 3,000 visitors to your website per month who are interested in teeth whitening, and it costs £0.50 for us to get people to click our advert, if we checked our analytic tools, and we were able to see that 3% (90 people) of these visitors end up scheduling an appointment and becoming a customer that means our Customer Acquisition Cost is £16.66. So if your teeth whitening package costs £170, and it costs us £16.66 to get someone to buy the package, we are now generating £13,800 per month from our website.

So happy ever after?

Nope. Now that our strategy is working it's time to optimize. With 3,000 people visiting the website every single month we are accumulating a TON of data. We can see how people interacted with the website, what links they clicked, how much of each section they read and how many times they came back. With this we are able to make small optimizations that have a HUGE difference to our campaign. We'll then notice in our analytics dashboard that people are getting fed up reading all the long paragraphs explaining the procedure and seeing uninformative photography.

Videos are proven to increase conversion rates by 80%, so we plan and shoot a series of informative videos for your brand explaining each service and placing it on the related page on your website, we get real video testimonials from previous customers and also place them on the website to add social proof and further improve the website. Before we know it we've increased our conversion rate from 3% to 6%, this means with a few small teaks and adjustments we've doubled our website sales to £27,600. Happy days.

Want to see these results?

We are always taking on new projects and looking to work with more local businesses. Get in touch with us, and we can see how we can help accelerate your business with online marketing.

Jamie McArdle
Jamie McArdle

Jamie is the founder of Siguro and is from Northern Ireland but now works throughout South East Asia. He's learning to ride a motorbike and loves to spend his weekends surfing. Jamie designs, codes and optimises our client's websites for search engines.