HelpBar is a new product by Chameleon, it lets SaaS products connect their help center and offer search, navigation, and AI-answers right from within their app. We helped them launch a new marketing website, paid ads, video ads for sponsored podcasts and tons of marketing assets for social and email.

The Website

We worked with the team at Chameleon to design a new website for HelpBar. It was a smaller site for a single product but we had a tight deadline for the launch date and we wanted to do lots of animation work to really showcase the value and interactivity of the HelpBar widget. We got to work designing the pages and the assets, storyboarding the bento grid assets as we went to speed up the process.

"We were working on a tight turnaround and the team went over-and-beyond in their delivery."
Kirsty Finlayson
Head of Marketing at Helpbar

Tight Deadline

Due to the tight deadline, we created a demo environment called Leafbank. We installed HelpBar and populated its content with dummy links, then did a screen recording using Screen Studio to iron out the mouse movement imperfections and trim any slow loading times. This video was then used in the hero block as the main product video, saving us lots of time animating in After Effects to ensure we met the launch date.

Ads Creatives

Chameleon wanted to run a paid ad campaign on LinkedIn to promote their new free plan, HelpBar. We designed an array of different ad creatives in a single day. Most creatives were static but we also made an animated ad and various assets for Product Hunt and for the team members to post on their personal profiles to promote the launch.

"Having Siguro take care of all the development, design, and video assets meant we didn't need to manage extra freelancers or agencies"
Kirsty Finlayson
Director of Product and Content Marketing at Chameleon

Lenny's Podcast

Chameleon was sponsoring a few podcast episodes of Lenny's Podcast by Lenny Rachitsky. For this sponsorship they needed a video ad created fast, we worked on this reusing lots of assets and animations we had created before, repurposing it and syncing it to Lenny's voiceover. You can watch the ad spot below.

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